Some dates and currency formats are different from formats in my excel file, why?

Not all date and currency formats are supported in .xlsx files by GenDo. You can convert your .xlsx file to .csv and try again.

Some of the tags, that I have inserted in word file are not shown in preview. Maybe you’ve made a typo, please check the tags again. Check that the tag does not start from a number and that it contains of one word. Tags like {{1Name}} or {{The name}} will not work

What happens to my files after the process is completed?

The files are deleted once you’ve downloaded them. If you exit the preview page, all your data is erased then.

Why is GenDo free?

GenDo is in beta, so right now we are focused on getting feedback and improving the product. As we add more features, some of them may not be free.

I experience some troubles with the service and the FAQ did not help me! What should I do?

There is a feedback button in the low right corner of that page. You can send us links to your files (if they are not confidential), so that developer team could take a look.